Maggie a. lewis

Majority Leader, Indianapolis City-County Council Councillor, District 10


Her passion for her community

Service to her community brought her to politics. Maggie A. Lewis joined the Indianapolis City-County Council in 2009 and served as president from 2012 - 2017. She was appointed to serve as majority leader during 2018. Over the years she has been working tirelessly to improve the lives for families throughout the city and for District 10 which she represents. Serving others is a tremendous part of her life and she brings this passion to her role on the council. Inspired by her mother, who is her role model and mentor. Lewis states, "I think service became important to me from watching my mom over the years."

Her service to the people of Indianapolis doesn't stop after a council or committee meeting ends. You will often see her meeting with her fellow councillors, members of the city administration, community groups, faith leaders, educators and families listening to their needs and crafting solutions. She is the first woman in Council history to serve as president and majority leader. She has and will always remains steadfast in her work to strengthen our community and improve the lives of those who proudly call Indianapolis home.


For me, it is all about serving people. It’s good for my soul. It feels good for me to do it. When I’m no longer the president of the City-County Council, my life and my dream will still be about serving other people.
— Maggie A. Lewis