Being a great leader begins with a great vision.

As a member of your Indianapolis City-County Council, I commit to you that I will always listen, learn and lead so our community will be a place where all residents are valued, respected and encouraged to achieve their greatest potential no matter who they are or what neighborhood they live in. Since being elected, I have remained committed to making decisions that will make a real difference in our families quality of life, our economic development, and safety - but there is much more to accomplish. On these and other issues that require leadership and collaboration, I will work for you and our community. Below are just a few examples of issues we have addressed that have improved the lives of our residents. 


public safety

Public safety has been and will always remain a top priority. As president, Lewis has worked with the Indianapolis City-County Council to not only take the necessary steps to ensure there are additional officers on the streets. She has also worked alongside IMPD and law enforcement experts to provide financial resources to strengthen the department's diversity recruiting efforts. Additionally, understanding the stress and pressure that officers face, the Council has provided funding to assist with mental health, education and suicide prevention.  

fair pay for all

Earning a livable wage and being paid what one deserves is critical for our families. Lewis is currently working with the Indianapolis City-Council to pass Proposal 92 which will ensure that all individuals working for the city or the county are paid a fair wage. 





Understanding the need for creating access within our community, President Lewis has led the charge to create a pathway for broadening public transportation throughout the city. Under her leadership, families will have the ability to travel easily throughout the city without the expenses associated with owning a personal vehicle. This unprecedented pathway to equal access will improve the health and well-being of families for generations to come.      


protecting the homeless

We have a responsibility to ensure that our homeless community is treated with dignity and respect. We have made a commitment to protect our homeless residents in the event of displacement. If a homeless person is displaced, the city must maintain and catalog their personal items in a safe and secure place for a minimum of 60 days. Additionally, the city must now connect that individual or family with a social service provider and a member of the faith-based community to ensure they receive complete wraparound services and access to transitional and permanent housing.                



Recognizing that families with modest incomes have the least access to quality education, pre-K for Marion County residents focuses on families whose annual income is less than 127% percent of the federal poverty level. The pre-k program will target three and four-year-olds.  The Council’s Community Affairs and Education Committee provides oversight of the program and its budget.

Complete streets

The city of Indianapolis has incorporated a multi-modal design strategy to enhance current and future transportation projects. This will enhance access, mobility and increase healthy lifestyle activities. The Complete Streets Ordinance also improves the future connectivity of the City by making streets and bridges more convenient to use for pedestrians, bicyclists and mass transit users. It will also ensure that transportation infrastructure is integrated into the City’s overall connectivity plan—including bike lanes, multi-use paths, and green-ways.